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Ultrasonic Flow Meter with Remote Monitoring System.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter with Remote Monitoring System.

Flow Meter with Remote Monitoring System.

Features :

  1. Fuji Electric has over 25years experience in development and manufacturing of ultrasonic flow meters. More than 20,000 units have been installed all over the world. We are introducing M-Flow PW Ultrasonic Flowmeter, which is middle class model of our ultrasonic flow meter line up. The M-Flow PW is ideal for clean liquids containing no air bubbles such as pure water.This ultrasonic flowmeter measures flow rate by utilizing the TRANSIT-TIME Method. Simply, two ultrasonic detectors are mounted on t
  2. Our technical breakthrough based on years of experience and the adoption of the latest digital technology, enabled Fuji's ultrasonic flow meters to provide remarkable features;Small size and light weight, Dimensions : 140 (H) 130 (W) 69 (D) mm Mass : 0.8kg (Transmitter) , 0.3 / 0.4 / 1kg (Detector)Quick response :High speed calculation of 0.2 sec applicable for short batch process, Not influenced by fluid's temperature / pressure change:Adoption of Sound Velocity Measurement system.
  3. Sound Velocity Measurement System :-Auto Calculation of unknown sound velocity, Auto-Temp./Press. Compensation, Sound velocity of measured fluid is influenced while pressure and temperature change. 􀊠Sound Velocity Measurement SystemPAT.􀊡 realizes temp./press. compensation which is essential for precise flow velocity measurement, by measuring sound velocity of measured fluid at every measuring cycle.
  4. Easy mounting clamp-on sensor
  5. Easy operation by external keypads
  6. Multilingual : English / German / French / Spanish supported
  7. Plastic housing with IP65
  8. Comunication function (option) :RS-485/ RS-232C
  9. Synchronization (option) :Cross-talk or acoustic interference eliminated.
  10. Middle class Model appropriate for Machine Mounting

Specifications :

  • Display function:Actual scale display of instantaneous flow rate and flow velocity 􀉾Actual scale display of normal / reverse total volume 􀉾Self-diagnosis by 2-color LED
  • Display language:English, French, German or Spanish selectable Automatic range

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