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HMI Display

HMI Display

 The integrated design of Magelis SCU delivers maximum functionality while keeping installation easy. Especially suitable for small machines and simple processes control, its state-of-the-art display provides a crystal-clear readability.

You save time

Installation is easy, cabling is simple with:

the Ø 22mm mounting system

the rear module snapped on a DIN rail via an ingenious remote cable, or attached to the display

You save cost:

Magelis SCU consists of :

a modular STU screen, and the flexible mechanical mounting system Ø 22mm hole

a rear module with cheap and powerful electronic embedding I/O and full ste of communication ports.

Less wire is necessary, and the cost of Magelis SCU is lower than the usual equipment for simple machines consiting of a PLC + a display

You save space

Magelis SCU helps you to save the space that is normally reserved for a PLC, making it suitable even for installations with very limited space.See additional links to discover the richness of Magelis range,



  • State of the art display
  • Rich communication capabilities
  • Single software suite So Machine
  • Easy machine maintenance and upgrade Applications
  • Small machines
  • HVAC
  • Pumping
  • Packaging

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