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Why Unique

Why Unique

Experience Coupled With Expertise

Having developed numerous products for various sectors including agriculture, bio-medical and industrial areas, Unique has gained unmatched technological expertise and business.

Experience of Years

We have built an enormous range of patented products under one roof. The trust and reliability that Unique has earned is the result of fifteen years of efforts that are poured to deliver customized and unique products fulfilling customers' needs, expectations at their stipulated budget.

Span of Verticals

Unique is one of the few Indian manufacturers who work as an one-stop-solution by offering a wide range of products including Microcontroller Based Digital Pump Control Panels, Mobile Starters, Hydro-Pneumatic Panels, Bio-Medical Infusion Pumps, RO Panels, Automatic Power Factor Control Panels in distributors, dealers, pump motors. This diversified gamut of products is the most appropriate to satisfy the industry specific demands.

Technological Excellence

Unique is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified organization for In House R &D. We have been conducting and maintaining quality and cost-control through in-house manufacturing of critical components. Our research and development team rigorously strives for constant enhancement of technological skills to develop the most innovative and user-friendly products.

Commitment to Quality

Vehemently following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) has been the tradition of Unique as a company and also as a team. We never compromise the quality of our products while retaining the competitive rates of the products. This commitment to quality has enabled us be an experienced player in the arena of mass production. The company has been the presenter of mass produced flawless products.

Process Quality

A dedicated quality assurance team looks after the complete process of product development at every stage of production. The team guarantees prevention of all defects and high quality results. We follow the proven methodologies and the best industry standards as well as practices.

Customer-Focused Approach

Unique has been acclaimed as the Friend of Farmers for creating products keeping in mind the specifications required by the farmers. We are a client-centric organization wherein client requirements serve as the driving force for the company.

Area specific Approach

We do a thorough study of the area specific needs for a seamless product creation. All our products are feature-rich, may it be agriculture field or the medical field. We analyze and understand client's specific targets and requirements to make the product the most fulfilling one.

All our products are created through modular designing enabling an easier site service. Products can be customized on site as per client needs. Various exceptional features like vernacular language support in mobile starters, color coated wires, user-friendly colored wires making it easier to use can be found in our products as a result of the client-first attitude and the meticulous analysis of customer needs.

Over the years, Unique team has bestowed some extraordinary things on the company…which have become the foundation pillars for the company… Deep Dedication, Tireless Efforts, Out-Of-Box Thinking and Ceaseless Research. These aspects are not only our qualities but principles and the path-guiding stones also.

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